Surface Concrete Preparation in Vancouver

The shot blasting process is a dust free process. By removing the top layer of covering and concrete the pores of the concrete are exposed. The new coatings can then work themselves into the pores of the concrete and bond with the concrete through chemical reactions. This is vital for creating a strong bond for the new surface coating provided by the Libra Envelope floor system.


Shot Blasting Concrete

The first method that Libra Envelope has for preparing surfaces is shot blasting. Libra Envelope uses a concrete shot blast machine. This machine strips off a thin layer of coating. This process is a clean and environmentally friendly process.

There are a number of benefits to using the shot blasting process.

Shot blasting is a dust free but dry process. The process removes old marks and or coatings on the surface.

The fact that it does not use chemicals there are no chemical residues so the process is very environmentally friendly. It can be used in areas where dust or chemical wastes are prohibited.

In this photo, you can see how effective shot blasting is. You can see on the right side of the image, the floor scratched, mucky and with many stains although it has been pressure washed.

On the left side of the floor, it is almost as if it is a brand new floor. In this case, a shot blaster for concrete is used to actually prepare the surface for traffic coating application in the underground parking.


The great thing about shot blasting is ...

.. that there is hardly any dust or cleanup involved in the process. Shot blasting is not only done to help clean a floor but to prepare it as well.

Many times people will need to prepare a floor to paint it or apply some other coating or texture to the floor. It is quite difficult to apply paint to a floor when it has gunk all over it, which is why shot blasting equipment can help to make the process run much smoother.

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