Pedestrian and Vehicular Coatings


Libra Envelope has an extensive line of traffic and pedestrian coatings, sealants and membranes guaranteed to extend the life and appearance of your decks, walkways, corridors, mechanical rooms and even balconies.

The coatings we use protect surfaces that see heavy foot and/or vehicular traffic on a daily basis. Safety is one of our greatest concerns, so out coatings will be nonskid, elastomeric, and waterproof.  Libra Envelope will help you choose the best solution for your biggest traffic challenges, whether the traffic is from tires or feet.

We consider all factors before recommending a deck coating system, including: 

  • Turning radius
  • Location of starting, stopping, and parking ticket machines
  • High wear areas
  • Traffic patterns
  • UV exposure
  • Recommended skid resistance

Pedestrian Traffic Coating

Vehicular Traffic Coating

  • TREMCO Vulkem System liquid membrane
  • BASF Sonoguard and Conipur Systems
  • Polycoat waterproofing system