Flat and Low Slope Roofing

  • We offer high quality installations and repairs for both residential and commercial roofs throughout the Lower Mainland and outlying areas. We believe in using the best roofing products and the latest technologies to protect your home and business from rain, snow and wind.
  • Two of the methods we use are 2Ply SBS Membrane, and Hot Rubberized Membrane.
  • 2 PLY SBS Torch on roofing is the most effective way of sealing your low slope and flat roof to preventing the elements from entering your premises. Torch on roofing heats the surface between two membranes creating a solid and water tight bond.
  • Hot-Applied Rubberized Waterproofing and Roofing Membrane is a 100% solids blend of asphalts, synthetic rubber polymers, and filler formulated to provide toughness with flexibility and low moisture vapour permeance.

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