Water damage is a constant problem in a wet environment like the South West Coast of Canada. We are constantly dealing with crumbling and leaking concrete, which can then cause all sorts of safety concerns. Structural integrity and concerns about exposed rebar, or chunks of falling concrete are something we take very seriously.

There are several methods and systems that can be used to repair your damaged concrete. We can use a crack injection method, a cementitious crystalized system, or a specialized type of caulking used specifically to stop leaks.

If you see staining on your walls, active crack leakage, water marks, efflorescence stains (just the one pointed to with the purple arrow), crumbling concrete or exposed metal supports, contact us immediately and we will have someone come to your site and do a full evaluation. We will group things into must do, should do, and maintenance categories, so you can choose how much or little you are willing to do at this time.

Some methods can be installed in the damp winter months, so don’t delay!

When it comes to preventing these problems, Libra Envelope can come have a look and help you put together a comprehensive maintenance plan for parking areas, balconies, and most types of roofing. Contact us for your free estimate today.